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Rosenberg helps lawyers get in touch with tech

Rob Rosenberg has seen his job become more important than ever, as evidenced by the technological upgrades that can be seen in courtrooms throughout the country.

Rosenberg, president of Hartland-based Rosenberg Consulting Services, said he helps law firms organize their messages, evidence and presentations in a way that can break down complex ideas and make them more understandable to members of a jury.

Throughout his roughly 20 years in the business, Rosenberg has seen technology become used much more widely to present information and make arguments in the courtroom.

Using Waukesha’s county courts as an example, Rosenberg said every courtroom there is wired for multimedia technology, including videos and animations.

“That has happened nationally that courtrooms are more wired,” he said, noting that he used to have to lug equipment with him when presenting information at trials.

Beyond that, juries and others have become much more used to working with technology, he said. Even so, the need for explaining often-complicated legal ideas and court cases is as important as ever.

Rosenberg said lawyers sometimes forget, when talking to jurors and others, that they take for granted knowledge of certain details that might not be immediately apparent to everyone. His services help them explain things in a way that others would understand.

“Essentially, you have lawyers that are working with complex issues and facts over the course of years,” he said. “Unfortunately, what happens is that they get into the mind frame of a lawyer and not a factfinder.”

Rosenberg’s connection with law firms reaches even further back than the 20 or so years he has been providing consulting services. He said that he was first introduced to the industry at the age of 12, when he was delivering deposition and trial transcripts during the summer months to law firms across Chicago.

From there, he started recording video of depositions for a family firm. He also worked with some of the leading providers of legal services throughout the country and has worked on several high profile/high stakes cases.

Rob Rosenberg