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Trial Graphics

Communicating complex technologies and concepts can be a major hurdle in winning your case. Our team has proven to be tried and true in helping you make a persuasive argument.

2D/3D Illustration

We can bring your case to life by providing 2D or 3D illustration.


Bring your evidence to the 3rd dimension and show evidence in motion.

Exhibit Board Production

Mixed media is critical to an
effective visual strategy.

Interactive Multimedia

Step your way through evidence by
using interactive presentations.


Years of experience in videography and photography documenting your key evidence.

Electronic Briefs (eBriefs)

eBriefs allow you to get the appropriate evidence in front of the trier of fact quickly.

Court Tutorials

Visual tutorials to educate a judge and/or jury in complex concepts.

Medical Illustration

Effective illustrations and animations
of the human anatomy.

Demonstrative Samples

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