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Virtual Counsel Table ™

“Virtual trials have quickly become a more efficient, effective, and convenient way to conduct a trial.”

Rob Rosenberg | President

Virtual Counsel Table is a new way of conducting trials. Whether it be COVID-19 response or simply a better way of conducting a trial, here at RCS we know how to put you and your team in court. Virtual doesn’t mean you have to be at a disadvantage when you are attending a court hearing, trial, deposition or any other ADR. In our experience, virtual trials are efficient, convenient, and give you a better opportunity to present your case in a more streamlined approach.

Remote Trials? No Problem

Our team has vast experience at trial. We are natural problem solvers that know how to get the job done. With the new demand for virtual attendance at hearings and trials, we have always been at the cutting edge in turning challenges into success. Our team will help virtually place your team in the courtroom and present your case using a combination of traditional presentation techniques paired with video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, GoToMeeting and many other remote sharing tools.

Remote Connectivity

Using the power of Zoom (and other video conferencing platforms), you can attend your hearings or trials from anywhere

Studio Quality Sound

Crisp audio using state-of-the-art studio equipment so you sound like you are in the room with others

Remote Presentations

Create compelling presentations of your exhibits, depositions, graphics, demonstratives, and videos on the fly

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