Technology Services

When it comes to trial logistics, you’ve got enough on your mind.  RCS has worked on war room and courtrooms all over the United States.  Our team can help plan all of your technology needs from printers and audio visual equipment to high speed printers and copiers.  From the initial network setup to post verdict teardown, RCS will make sure that the technology at your trial meets your team’s needs.

Courtroom Equipment Rental

We provide state-of-the-art courtroom equipment to make sure your presentations are flawless.

Onsite IT Services

Our team provides knowledgable IT professionals that can help keep your team moving.

Warroom Equipment Rental

From printers and copiers to A/V equipment, we can meet all your warroom needs.

Network Configuration

Let our team help facilitate setting up your remote network when bringing your own IT team just isn't an option.

Onsite Staffing

Our team of trial consultants and visual strategists are tried and true in courts and venues throughout the country.

Warroom Logistics Planning

Our team is proficient in planning and executive warroom plans. From working with local hotels and internet providersm to helping locate meeting space, we've got you covered.

Presentation Services

When it comes to effective presentations, there is no substitute for excellence.  RCS provides effective presentations of all forms of electronic evidence using today’s leading presentation tools.  Our team has presented at thousands of trials, hearings, arbitrations and ADRs.  Our vision is to take all of your key case materials and centralize them in a single system.  This allows us to quickly and easily bring evidence to life in front of the trier of fact within mere seconds.  This type of quick access to key case materials allows for a consistent flow during key witness examinations.

In Court Presentation

We provide in-court trial consultants that will make sure to get key evidence on the screen, quickly.

Video/Transcript Synchronization

Our team has converted and synchronized tens of thousands of hours of deposition video and transcripts using the latest and greatest syncing tools.

On The Fly Document Treatments

No need to overly prep documents the night before. Our highly skilled trial consultants can make sure documents callouts and annotations are presented as fast as you can ask for them.

Video Production

Video editing and production

Deposition Video Editing

Our team has edited several thousands of hours of deposition video. 

Courtroom Surveys

Our team has traveled to courts all over the United States to determine the technology needs for effective presentations.

Courtroom Equipment Installation

Let our team handle all of the courtroom equipment details.  We have performed installations hundreds of times in courtrooms of all shapes and sizes. 

Database Management

Our team is certified in a number of document management software solutions.  We can help you maintain order in a very complicated and document heavy case.

Exhibit Management

Our team is well trained in the art of exhibit and document management.  From electronic archiving to exhibit stickering, we can take the load off your shoulders.

Enhanced Designation Management

Our team uses custom tools to make sure that witness designation management is an easy task.

Graphic Services

When you are working on a case with complex facts, visual communication is the most effective tool to help tell your story.  Starting with your core objectives, our team will help properly identify key visuals (e.g. trial graphics) to help make sure that the key take aways are presented and understood.

2D/3D Illustration

We can bring your case to life by providing 2D or 3D illustration.


Our team brings years of experience in videography and photography.  Let us help document your key evidence.


Sometimes a picture is only worth a thousand words, but even that doesn't say enough.  Bring your evidence to the 3rd dimension and show evidence in motion.

Electronic Briefs (eBriefs)

A judge's time is precious.  eBriefs allow you to get the appropriate evidence in front of the trier of fact quickly.

Exhibit Board Production

Mixed media is critical to an effective visual strategy.  Mix it up a little by being more interactive with an old fashioned board.

Court Tutorials

Courts across the country are demanding visual tutorials.  Technology can be very complicated and this is the perfect way to educate a judge and/or jury in complex concepts.

Interactive Multimedia

Step your way through evidence by using interactive presentations.

Medical Illustration

Effective illustrations of the human body.