Our History

Rosenberg Consulting Services, Inc. (RCS) was founded in 2004 by Robert Rosenberg.  Mr. Rosenberg has been an industry leading trial consultant for nearly twenty years. His approach is simple – work on good cases for good clients and have fun doing it.  Mr. Rosenberg has worked on cases all over the US and has been trusted by many of today's leading lawfirms with consulting on high stakes (and many high profile) trials.

Our Experience

RCS works on cases of all different sizes, exposure, issues and needs.  Mr. Rosenberg and his team have worked on thousands of matters ranging from contract disputes to intellectual property litigation.  Our vision is to help your trial team take complex facts and make them simple for trier of fact.  We approach this in two different ways.  One, through visual strategy and demonstrative evidence.  Second, through the effective presentation of volumes of evidence using state of the art presentation tools.

Our Commitment

At RCS, our core beliefs are the driving force behind our consistently high level of service to our clients.  We believe that and encourage you find out why our clients are some of the biggest law firms and companies in the country.  At the center of our culture is you, the client.